48-Hour Book Challenge

Oh yeah, and I'm getting ready to do this. The plan was to start tomorrow morning, but my friend Joel is coming to visit and we're going to be hanging out in Fort Wayne until he leaves tomorrow afternoon, so I don't think I'm going to get in quite as much reading as I'd planned. But such is life. Hopefully I'll still manage to blog a couple of reviews at least.

*Edit: I think I've decided to start around seven or eight a.m. tomorrow morning. I can get in a couple of hours of reading while I wait for Joel to wake up, and then get back to it later in the evening. So I'll lose a huge chunk of reading time, but I never expected to actually be able to just sit and read for 48 hours straight. Anyway, I don't get to see Joel too often and we're doing library and book-related things so it'll be a grand old time.

(Did I just say "grand old time?" I think maybe I did.)

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  1. MotherReader said...
    Honestly, I don't think "grand old time" is used nearly enough.

    Glad to see you playing even if you have to work around unimportant things like friendships and visits.

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