Today, as a class instructor was bringing me over to help one of his students with a reference question, he said to them, "The librarians that work here are GODS!" Um, talk about pressure.

Also, I'm not sure what's worse - that one of our teen regulars at ACPL guessed my age at 29, or that he's not far off. I'm not old enough to be this old!

Politics, etc.

Obviously it's been a while since I've posted. I don't know what it is about this time of year that seems to make me forget all about my blog. Anyway, things are going well. I really like my job at ACPL, and classes are moving along as smoothly as can be expected when I spend half of my week in Fort Wayne and half in Bloomington. Oh, and I'm thinking about applying for a part-time position in the circulation department at ACPL. It doesn't pay nearly as high as a librarian position would, of course, but the hours would work well with what I'm already working there, and it looks like there probably won't be any full-time librarian positions opening up at ACPL in the immediate future anyway. I emailed the HR director there about it, so we'll just have to see what happens.

I don't know about anyone else, but this election season is exhausting me. Part of the reason, I'm sure, is because I've paid far more attention to things this election cycle than I ever have in the past. And I've spent a good part of that time knowing only one thing for certain - that I wouldn't be voting for McCain this fall. As far as I'm concerned, McCain has shown over and over again that he's more than willing to just continue down the path Bush has been taking us on, and that is NOT what this country needs. I've been leaning back and forth between Clinton and Obama for quite a while now, unable to make up my mind. I'm sure many of my conservative friends and family members would disagree with me (you all know I love you anyway! ;), but I honestly think either could potentially make a good president - at the very least, they'd likely be ten times better than the one we've got now! In recent days, I had been starting to lean towards Clinton, actually, although both definitely had moments of enraging me - the last thing I want is for things to descend into mean-spirited personal attacks, and it was looking like it was going to go that way. Both were saying things about the other candidate that really rubbed me the wrong way, Obama especially, I have to say, although Clinton's certainly done her fair share. Enough with the racist and sexist dogwhistles, everyone! Racism is a problem in this country. So is sexism, definitely. But I think it does everyone a disservice if we, the media, or the candidates try to make this election season about who's had to put up with more crap, blacks or women. So while I started this season with hope, that was definitely starting to fade a little bit as both candidates became more tarnished. But now Obama's gone and made one of the best speeches I have heard in a long while. Of course, we all know that being a great speaker (or having great speechwriters) does not necessarily a good president make, but I have to admit I would FAR rather listen to Obama speak over George W. Bush anytime - it's gotten so I can barely stand to watch Bush's speeches anymore. Anyway, I'm definitely weighing a lot more in my considerations than just speechmaking, obviously, but do you know how long it's been since a speech made by a political figure brought tears to my eyes? Now I'm getting a little bit more excited again, especially about the possibility that my primary vote might actually count for something this year. Anyway, see for yourself - here's Obama's speech on race, religion, and America's future, given today in Philadelphia:

If you can't watch the video or don't have the time, you can also read the text of his speech in full here.

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