There's a poster up on the bulletin board in the Wells library right now advertising a Kazakh movie night. Wonder if they'll be showing Borat?

Last weekend, my sister was here from Kansas, and on Sunday she and my parents came down to Bloomington to hang out with me and go to her friend's baby shower. We had a great time, and I always love getting to see my sister, especially since we live so far apart now. However, she seems to have brought a nasty cold with her (a gift from her husband), because since yesterday I've felt just miserable, and apparently Mom and Dad have caught it, too. I've been having trouble sleeping lately anyway, and last night I tossed and turned until I finally got a couple of hours of sleep right as the sun was coming up. Going to class today was terrible - it's my favorite class, public library management, but I just couldn't concentrate at all.

Afterwards I went to Target to get some heavy-duty drugs, and seeing as how I haven't been able to sleep, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a bottle of NyQuil Cold & Flu. When I went to pay for it, the cashier asked to see my ID - I hadn't even thought about that. Turns out this stuff is 10% alcohol! Now I'm thinking maybe I'll just drink the whole bottle and have myself a little party. Anyway, here's hoping I sleep tonight.

I just cited my professor in a paper I'm writing for her. That's a first for me - kind of a weird feeling.

Here's a call I had while working at the reference desk tonight:

"Hi, can you tell me how many ounces are in a quart? We're cooking something and we need to know right now!"

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