Over the past week, I have created and delivered a presentation in class, written two papers, put together an annotated bibliography of 25 articles and books, developed three sample youth services programs, written a take-home essay final, taken a practical final exam, and read countless numbers of pages. I am mentally exhausted. Of course, I have only myself and my horrifying procrastination habits to blame for this. On the plus side, I just put the finishing touches on my last paper, which means I am DONE with library school! I just have to see my independent study adviser tomorrow morning to hand in the final assignments, and I'm home free. By this weekend I will be requiring everyone to call me a library master. I will blind you all with library science!

Last night I had the pleasure of introducing a student to the Wells Library. She was a junior and hadn't stepped foot in it beyond running to the computer lab to print something off. She needed a book, and when I told her she could find it on the eleventh floor in the East Tower, the look on her face was priceless - "You have ELEVEN floors here?" The best part was when I told her that you can't even take the elevators to the eleventh floor - they only go to ten, so you've got to get off and take the stairs. Incidentally, all of the library science materials are up on that floor. It's sort of our secret lair.

So, you know when you think a cute guy is checking you out, but it turns out you just spilled something all down the front of your shirt?

Yeah, that's not a great feeling.

Also today: Got a flat tire and lost a filling. Wheee!

The Court of King Arthur – Gruff Rhys
Changes – David Bowie
Walk On By – Dionne Warwick
Wrapped Up in Books – Belle and Sebastian
Popular Mechanics for Lovers – Beulah
Take the Skinheads Bowling – Camper Van Beethoven
Kamera – Wilco
Bright as Yellow – Innocence Mission
That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore – The Smiths
The Party’s Crashing Us – Of Montreal
G.P.T. – Martha Wainwright
Grace Under Pressure - Elbow
Hold On, Hold On – Neko Case
Lip Service – Elvis Costello
Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
Oh Comely – Neutral Milk Hotel
Things I Will Keep – Guided By Voices
The Equaliser – Clinic
Black Flowers – Yo La Tengo
Looter’s Follies - Destroyer

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