Is very nice movie-film

There's a poster up on the bulletin board in the Wells library right now advertising a Kazakh movie night. Wonder if they'll be showing Borat?


  1. kooz said...
    Do yourself a favor and stay off bayly blog. You will go nuts trying to converse with them. All they do is put up posts to ignite anger and criticism against, and then will team up on you and tell you your not Christian for disagreeing with them.

    Do yourself a BIG favor and stay off that blog. Kamilla is evil, and she will face her maker some day for the way she treats Christians who disagree with her.

    Vengence is the Lord's. Stay off the blog and let the Lord deal with them.
    Kamilla said...
    OK, I give. Who are you, Kristi? Who is Kooz and why does he or she think I am evil?

    I don't think I've ever heard of you and wouldn't have run across your blog if I hadn't been doing a check.

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