Pretty, pretty knitting

I've been trying out a couple of new stitch patterns lately, and they're turning out so well I feel like showing them off:

First off: this is a lace pattern called seafoam stitch. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden, which is gorgeous, with beautiful colorways, but a little rough to knit with.

This is herringbone stitch. The pattern I'm working from is called My So-Called Scarf. It was a little tricky to knit at first, but eventually I stumbled upon a shortcut that gives a result that looks the same and saves my poor hands. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay, and it's a much richer purple-blue than this photo shows.

Finally, this last one is a beret-type hat I just finished for myself a few days ago. The yarn is alpaca and so cozy and warm...too bad it's nearly 60 degrees outside here right now! I can't wait for it to get cold again so I can wear it.


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