My brain is fried.

Over the past week, I have created and delivered a presentation in class, written two papers, put together an annotated bibliography of 25 articles and books, developed three sample youth services programs, written a take-home essay final, taken a practical final exam, and read countless numbers of pages. I am mentally exhausted. Of course, I have only myself and my horrifying procrastination habits to blame for this. On the plus side, I just put the finishing touches on my last paper, which means I am DONE with library school! I just have to see my independent study adviser tomorrow morning to hand in the final assignments, and I'm home free. By this weekend I will be requiring everyone to call me a library master. I will blind you all with library science!


  1. Joel said...
    i'm in the middle of one yucky paper, and i have yet to start a ynother yucky one due friday. but starting friday at 5:00, i'm a library master too!
    Carole said...
    Congratulations, Kristi! I know, it's a good feeling.

    I haven't been able to read your blog (or any blog) from China, but I'm on a few days vacation in Thailand (Happy May Day!) and have been catching up. Sounds like you're a regular library wizard now.

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