A conversation at work

This happened a few days ago when it got really cold here. It was a slow night, so those of us working at the desk had some interesting conversations. Around 7:00, Maurice comes in saying that it's snowing outside. I run out to check and, sure enough, snow is coming down in little flurries. But Jon doesn't get outside to check until a while later, by which time it's stopped snowing. For the rest of the night, he insists that Maurice was making it all up.

Jon: I don't believe you about anything anymore. You were lying about the snow. I think you got snow confused with stars.
Maurice: You just couldn't see the snow, because you didn't believe enough.
Me: It was falling all around you and you were blind to it. Open your mind to the snow!
Evan: Yeah, it's like Polar Express or something.
Lauren: What??
Evan: Uh, yeah, I don't know where I was going with that.
Jon: I still don't believe you guys.
Me: Every time you say you don't believe in snow, a snowflake dies.
Evan: Quick, clap your hands! Put on your gloves and clap your hands!
Me: I do believe in snowflakes! I do! I do!


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