I have discovered this year that while living in a first-floor apartment means not having to lug my stuff up and down the stairs and getting a larger "backyard" area, it also means having Serious Bug Problems. Spiders, pill-bugs, crickets, you name it - the only insects I haven't had problems with are cockroaches. But worst of all are the ants. Late this winter I had tiny little sugar ants swarming my kitchen - I sprayed, bought traps, yelled at them, and tried reverse psychology, but nothing worked. Finally I called the landlords and they brought out the big guns, which seemed to finally take care of the ant problem, so I made the mistake of relaxing.

BUT NOW the ants have returned for revenge. Last night I was sitting at my computer desk in my bedroom when I noticed several ants crawling out from under my laptop. Which really freaked me out at first because I thought they'd gotten IN my laptop and were living there, but when I calmed down I noticed that there was a trail of ants climbing up my desk from over by the trash can...and that said trash can was positively crawling with ants. There was also a trail along the carpet from the wall to the trashcan - with ants crawling all over my stack of library books. It was like a horror movie, seriously. Turns out I probably shouldn't have thrown a soda can away in that trash can, because that seems to be what was attracting the ants.

So I emptied out the trash, stuck it in the bathtub and drowned the ants still inside, and went along the carpet with a wad of Kleenex smushing the rest of the invaders. Then I went and got my bug spray and sprayed all along the outside wall, and THEN I decided that I couldn't relax until I'd vacuumed every last inch of carpet in my bedroom. Oh, did I mention this was all happening around two a.m.? Ugh, ugh, ugh. I haven't seen any ants yet today, but I had horrible nightmares all last night in which there were ants in my bed crawling all over me. I hate ants.


  1. Melissa said...
    We've got them all over our kitchen floor. I sweep four times a day (after the kids eat...) and still we have ants. Though, I managed to take out a nest of fire ants with a half bottle of ammonia. I was quite proud of myself.

    I shudder at the thought of cockroaches, though.
    Seth Studer said...
    I was at a friend's house the other day and there was an ant, and she started freaking out and I said, "What's the big deal? It's only an ant!" And she's like, "You've obviously never had ants."

    And then I thought of you.

    Apparently there are cockroaches in the basement at East Hall, where I have my office. I haven't seen any, but I don't like thinking about it.
    Saipan Writer said...
    I live in the tropics. We have a wide variety of ants. The kind that like sweets, the kind that like fats, the kind that march in straight lines, the kind that swarm, the brown, the black and the red (aka fire ants-when bitten you feel as if you are being set on fire).

    I always wash my soda cans, yogurt containers, soup cans, etc. before I throw them away (or put them in for recycling). No choice.

    In my first house here, I literally packed the trash into a plastic bag and put it in the freezer everynight. I could take care of the ants during the day while I was around, but I didn't want them taking over in the dead of night.

    Oh another trick I used to use when I baked--I set the table legs in bowls of water to keep the ants from crawling up and getting on my cooling cookies. (Apparently ants can't swim.)

    They are a nuisance. You have my sympathies.

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