Back home again in Indiana

Whew! I'm back in the Hoosier state after visiting my sister and her husband in Wichita for several days. They just bought a new house and my parents and I drove out to help them with some projects. Mom and Amy and I painted several rooms while Dad and Rich dug up bushes, moved rocks, and did other manly outdoor-type things. I don't envy them that - it was hot while we were there! Rich and Amy's little house looks really nice now, and I know they've got a few landscaping projects and some minor home repair they're still planning to do. I still can't believe my younger sister is married, has moved halfway across the country and bought a house, and is even starting to talk babies. And me? I seem bent on dragging my college lifestyle out as long as possible. Being back in grad school has been wonderful but it doesn't exactly make me feel all that grown-up and responsible, seeing as how I still revel in wearing jeans and t-shirts to class and sleeping in until noon. Yikes. I had this whole plan about how I was going to dress so professionally and everything in grad school. Yeah, that went out the window about the second day or so, I think.

I'll be starting my internship at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne this upcoming week, and I'm getting really excited about it. I'll be working in the young adult department, and so far the people I've met there seem wonderful and I think they'll be great to work with. It's great experience, too, since ACPL's got a large YA department and is now in a brand-new building. Which means I probably shouldn't get my hopes up that this is the kind of atmosphere I can expect in my first job post graduation, but it'll be fun for this summer. Unfortunately, it pays diddly squat - in fact, since I'm getting credit for it, I'm paying IU for the opportunity to work there. On a positive note, however, it looks like I'll be able to do my old job at Mitchell Books for a few hours a week to make a little bit of money. It looks like it's going to be a busy but fun summer.


  1. Seth Studer said...
    I think Kansas is only 1/3-way across the country from you ;-)

    And yes, grad school is infinitely preferrable to yardwork!

    Carole said...
    Kristi - I can't believe your sister got married. I know how you feel - sometimes it's a little other-worldly to look at the lives of friends who are married and talking babies and then look at my life. I certainly don't want to change places - We have the rest of our lives to dress professionally and get up early. Why rush!?

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