God loves a terrier!

Tonight I went over to Kate's house for a barbecue, with her roommate Kirsten, Kirsten's boyfriend Jeff, who manned the grill, and fellow SLIS student Terra and her fiance Jesse. Terra and Jesse brought along their new puppy, an awesome little Scottish terrier named Dexter. He was SO excited to see all of the new people, and we had a blast playing with him. I can't imagine trying to take care of a dog with so much HAIR, though. At one point he got into a bush with little burrs, and you can imagine how much fun it was to try to get all of the stickers out of his fur. His little mustache is adorable, though.

Classes start tomorrow! This semester I'm taking three courses: Public Library Management, Computerization and Society, and Representation and Organization of Knowledge and Information. For that last class, we're required to read this article before we first meet: "When essence becomes function: post-structuralist implications for an ecological theory of organisational classification systems." That'll be fun bedtime reading.

I'm also going to be keeping up my job at the reference desk in the Information Commons. In addition, I've signed up to be a library instruction assistant, which means that when instructors bring their classes to the library for a session on research skills, I'll be one of the ones who will teach the classes. I'm pretty nervous about this job - I am NOT a natural teacher. But library instruction is something that will probably come up in any future job I have, so I think it's important for me to get some practice in and develop a skill that I'm not so good at right now. But oh, I'm so freaked out about teaching undergrads!


  1. Anonymous said...
    In another week, I'll be one of those instructors bringing their students to the library for the librarian to teach a library course! (Tufts is small enough that the librarians do the teaching.) And I'll also be one of those writing the articles with the word "post-structuralist" in the title! Plus you're a girl and I'm a boy, so we're like an inversion of one another! (Except you're not black.)

    Joel said...
    Pretend you know more than they do, and you're golden.

    Hey let's party!
    Joeleo said...
    You are far less awkward than any librarian that I've seen give those tours. You'll be fine. :)
    Jim said...
    I may be a bit biased but I think you will be a great teacher! Glibness or an absence of apprehension doesn't make someone a "natural" teacher. Preparation is what makes someone a "natural teacher". Just prepare well and you will become a "natural".

    Have fun!


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