It's after 10 pm. I just walked about a quarter-mile down to the laundry facilities to change my loads over. I am now absolutely dripping with sweat. That's no exaggeration - the sweat is literally running in rivulets all over my body. I think I'm going to move to Nunavut.

Oh, did I mention yet that I really, really hate move-in day? It was impossible to get anywhere on campus today - my usual ten-minute bus ride home took about forty. Plus all the new students swarming about means we get the same questions over and over again at the reference desk.

Ugh, I sound like such a grump. Must be the heat.


  1. Joel said...
    how do i print? how do i print? how do i print? where are the books? how do i print? how do i print? how do i print?
    Joeleo said...
    I totally hear you! I liked campus so much better when the students weren't there! There were more parking spots! You didn't have to worry about students not paying attention and walking out in front of you when you're driving! You didn't have to deal with students in general! Argh!

    Why can't there be a university for grad students only? That would be a wonderful place. :)
    Anonymous said...

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