So I did my internship this summer at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, working in the young adult department, and I really enjoyed it. I'm interested in YA librarianship as a career, plus Fort Wayne is where my parents live and where I lived before I moved to Bloomington, so I'd kind of like it if there's a possibility of getting a job with ACPL when I graduate in May. I was looking around their website just now and saw a job opportunity posted that drives me crazy, because it's exactly along the lines of what I would apply for - but it's probably at least six months too early for me. Check it out:

Full-time assistant manager at the New Haven Branch. The schedule for New Haven Branch assistant manager will include day, evening and weekend hours. The range minimum for assistant manager is $35,547 and up depending on experience. There is a relocation allowance. If you are interested in applying for New Haven Branch assistant manager, you must have an ALA-accredited master of library science degree, along with training and/or experience with young adults. Some experience with children is a plus. Excellent interpersonal communication skills are necessary for working with people of all ages and backgrounds. Applicants should have a genuine liking and understanding of teens as well as the general public and a strong general knowledge of a variety of subjects, including popular fiction. A thorough understanding of internet search techniques and the Windows environment is needed. Bilingual ability in Spanish or an Asian language is desirable but not required. Responsibilities of the New Haven Branch assistant manager include providing reference and readers’ advisory assistance to patrons of all ages, working particularly with young adults through outreach activities and development of the YA collection, planning and presenting programs for both adults and teens, supervising the branch’s strong volunteer program, supervising the branch in the absence of the manager and serving on various system-wide committees, as well as other duties as required.

Other than the fact that I unfortunately don't have bilingual ability in Spanish or an Asian language, this job sounds like it would be a great one for me to apply for. The pay is a lot higher than I might expect to get straight out of grad school in other systems, plus it doesn't look like they're requiring tons of experience. But there's not really much point in me applying now when I'm not really available until May. So frustrating!


  1. Joeleo said...
    It never hurts to apply... I mean, once they see your application and interview you, they'll realize how much better off they'd be by waiting till May and hiring you. Or maybe you could work it to drive up one day a week or something during the spring to help get the ball rolling or something. And wouldn't it make your last semester much nicer knowing you have a job waiting for you?

    Granted, I view the job market as a philosopher... which means you jump on a possibility, even if it's slim because you're that desperate. :)
    Mr. Joelcon said...
    Yeah that looks like a great opportunity. I'd give it a try anyway.

    Hey you should go to the Jens Lekman show on the 23rd.

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