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It's been a while since I've updated here. The end of the semester is always crazy, both with my own assignments and with frantic students coming up to the reference desk where I work. But now that things have calmed down some, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite reference questions we've gotten in the last month or so:

Can I use the magic stapler?

I lost a flash drive around Friday and I need it back now.

Please help me find room 402 so I can take my final.

My books are due today…but could I return them tomorrow instead?

What's that one Indian dish with the vegetables?

I'm looking for articles exploring the benefits of polygamy.

We need to create an appendix for our paper but we're not sure what to put in it.

I need the history of buildings on campus built after 1983.

My W131 teacher said to come to the library and anyone could help me with my paper.

My IA is doing a poetry reading somewhere tonight. Could you tell me where he’s at?

How many supermarkets are in San Jose, California?

Can you help me find information on bottled water in Australia?

We need to find articles from the Wall Street Journal about the beverage industry in Croatia.

What romance books would you recommend?

How do you spell "fuchsia"?

Do you have any books on astral projection?

I need to find a person named Paul who is a sociology student who sits in with the classes I take. They said he'd be in this library somewhere.

I need a biography of an immigrant and I have no idea how to find one.

I need to find academic journals on dental anthropology.

Is there another video editing place in the library because a crying baby is making me angry.

Does watching pornography on university computers violate its internet policy?

What kind of floor is this? Is it linoleum?

Is there a way to find out about toothpaste brands in India?

Can you help us find a word that means “suddenly and temporarily popular”?

The elevator is squeaking—do you have a way to stop that?

I need information about the sixties—mainly on Timothy Leary and acid use.

I’m looking for articles about what makes Jerry Seinfeld successful.

Do you have compressed air?

I need articles about the Miss Queen International transvestite pageant.

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  1. mr. Joel said...
    aw your reference desk is more exciting than mine.

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