Snow day!

Well, I'm with the folks for Christmas now, and no sooner did I get home than a huge snowstorm rolled through. I think we got around 8-10 inches total. The snow's stopped now, but it's windy so it's blowing everywhere. I hate the feeling of being holed up inside on a day like this. It didn't bother me when we were kids because we got off of school and we could go out and play in it, but somehow now, even if I know I'm not going anywhere, I like having the option of getting in the car and heading out. Still, snow! I hope it sticks around until Christmas, or we get another dumping before then. Christmas doesn't seem right without snow. Amy and Rich have got to fly in this weekend, though, so I hope nothing causes their flights to be delayed.

My plans over Christmas break are to try and get started on the whole job hunt thing. I'm not sure how soon I should be applying for public library jobs, given that I'm not finished until May, but I'm ready to start the search. Wish me luck.

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