So...I got a call from the Allen County Public Library yesterday asking me if I was available for an interview on Thursday morning for the position I applied for. For those who aren't up-to-date, this is the 15-hour-a-week position in the same young adult department that I interned in this summer. The job would be perfect if it were just full-time. Still, I applied, because it'd be a foot in the door and hopefully more hours would come along sooner rather than later. We'll see - that's some of what we're going to talk about in the interview. So I'm heading back to Fort Wayne tomorrow night. I've got Fridays off this semester, so I'm planning on just spending a long weekend with my parents before coming back down to Bloomington. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

This weekend I spent a bit more money than I was intending to do (not to mention, I royally screwed up my attempted diet). Friday, Kate, Terra, Jesse and I met for brunch at the Runcible Spoon, which is one of my favorite restaurants here in Bloomington - I love their breakfasts. I had a huge and decidedly not low-fat meal including eggs, homefries, and French toast. Then Friday night I went out for milkshakes with Annie and Elissa and finally got to see Sweeney Todd. I really enjoyed the movie - it's one of my favorite musicals anyway, and I can't think of a director better suited to the show than Burton. I was pleasantly surprised by Johnny Depp's singing ability - his voice isn't anywhere near as strong as the various stage Sweeneys, but I think he did it justice. And Alan Rickman! They tried their hardest to make him repulsive, but you just can't take the sex out of Alan Rickman. His and Depp's duet on Pretty Women was probably the high point for me. You could tell the whole theater was really involved in the story, too - in fact, when Anthony burst in on Sweeney about to kill the judge, someone down in the front row yelled "OH SHIT!" I'd definitely recommend Sweeney Todd to anyone who likes beautiful music, creepy atmosphere, and doesn't mind liberal amounts of ridiculously over-the-top blood and gore. Heh.

On Saturday Kate and Sarah and I went to see a completely different type of film - Atonement. It's a beautiful film - I thought the cinematography was gorgeous, and I liked the way that ambient sounds were used in the score. Also, James McAvoy is kind of Hot, at least in this movie. But dear lord was the ending depressing. I even teared up a little, and I'm not typically the type that cries at movies. I can't imagine it's not going to be getting Oscars. Otherwise, there aren't too many movies out right now that look that interesting to me. I still kind of want to see Juno, but it's been so hyped that I'm afraid it'll be disappointing. Besides, with all the money I spent this weekend, I should probably go low-key for a while. I guess I'll just snuggle up at home with my Flight of the Conchords DVD and my knitting.


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