48-hour Book Challenge

It's been a while since I've updated, I know, but I'll probably have quite a few posts during the next couple of days, because I'm doing this again this year. Luckily, I have an entirely free weekend with the house to myself this time, so hopefully I'll get a lot of reading done. I started this morning at a little after ten, with Wake by Lisa McMann. I'll be updating frequently with reviews for all of the books I'm reading this time around.


  1. Kristi said...
    OK, we spell our name the same way (how weird is that?? I don't think I've ever met another Kristi. Christy or Kristy, yes, but Kristi?? No.) and we're both in the 48-hour read-a-thon. Strange ;>). I had to come visit. Hope you get a lot of reading done! I'll come back and visit after my 48 hours is over (3:00 pm Sunday) to see how you're doing!
    ZG said...
    Thanks for the WHOA.
    I was really driven this year -- and I think I might have enjoyed it all less as a result -- but I did read some fine books!

    ZG at Midwestern Lodestar

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